Valet Assistant – menubar app for managing Laravel Valet

I have been using Laravel Valet since its earlies release, and it’s an excellent tool. The response is snappy, and it’s easy to install and set up.

Valet Assistant

However, Laravel Valet lacks a GUI, and my lazy mind always forgets the paths for various settings in Valet. Therefore I made a tiny menubar companion app for F-Bar – Valet Assistant.

Valet Assistant is a native app written in Swift and weighs in about 4MB, so it’s tiny and has a low memory footprint. Of course, the app is notarized by Apple, so you will not get any warnings about unsafe software.

Valet Assistant is freeware so enjoy!

Click here to download Valet Assistant


Shortcut to Laravel Valet-settings

It opens the hidden folder that contains all Laravel Valet’s settings.

Valet Assistant

Restart Laravel Valet

Restarts Nginx and the app’s menubar icon gives you feedback when it’s done.

View Nginx-logfile

Open Nginx’s logfile in Log View

View PHP-logfile

Same as above, but for PHP

Shortcut to current PHP-configuration

My favorite, quickly find and access php.ini without using Google nor StackOverflow ;-)