Laravel Forge servers in your menubar

Manage your Laravel Forge servers from your menubar

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Speed up your workflow

Reboot servers or services like MySQL and Nginx. Launch and open an SSH-connection with Terminal, Hyper or iTerm directly from your Mac’s menubar. Short cuts to your sites and copy server’s IP address to your clipboard.

Easy accessible

Edit Nginx and .env configurations, upload SSH keys and view the latest deployment log, restart PHP or check Nginx config for syntax errors.

Monitor your Laravel Forge servers

Unobtrusive solution for monitoring and controlling Laravel Forge servers. 4 of 5.

Webmaster’s bundle

By the bundle and get GitFTP-Deploy for your legacy projects.

Multiple Laravel Forge accounts

Support for multiple accounts. No need to log in or out. All accounts are reachable directly from the menubar which speeds your workflow even more. Your API keys are stored encrypted.

Site monitoring

Ability to monitor your Laravel Forge provisioned servers directly from the F-Bar. The monitor sends an HTTP request to every site on a given interval and will pop up a notification telling you it it is down.

Multi site monitoring

Push notifications

Add a request in your deployment script and get a push notification when deployments is done. This is a free service for all F-Bar users. You can event set it up to push other kind of messages, like when backup is done.

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Edit .env and watch logs

No need to SSH into your server to change a value in your .env-files or edit a Nginx setting. With aid of F-Bar you can edit files directly on your desktop.

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I have to admit, when I first took a look at the app, I saw it as nothing more than a novelty.
But in practice, I am constantly using it.

Ralph M. Rivera
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