Manage your Laravel Forge servers on your iPhone

A utility for Laravel Forge, available on iOS

F-Bar Forge iOS

Some awesome features

Laravel Forge events

Get a quick overview of the latest events happening on your Laravel Forge Accounts. F-Bar iOS supports multiple Laravel Forge accounts.


Get a simple overview of all servers, their location, and IP-address. Restart servers or services on the go.

Stats for Forge servers on iOS

F-Bar for iOS connects to your server periodically to check disk usage, RAM allocation, and CPU load.

Configuration and logs

View, edit, and save your Nginx configuration on the go. Check deployment logs to ensure all is well.

Send commands

Send commands like artisan cache:clear

Watch events

Keep an eye of what's happening on the server

Restart servers and services

Restart services and servers like you are use to

Edit configurations

Tweak configurations on the go with ease

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