Upgrading Your PHP Version on Laravel Forge: A Step-by-Step Guide

With Laravel Forge’s support for multiple PHP versions, upgrading to a newer version is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on recommendations from Laravel Forge’s support team.

Valet Assistant – menubar app for managing Laravel Valet

I have been using Laravel Valet since its earlies release, and it’s an excellent tool. The response is snappy, and it’s easy to install and set up.

What is Laravel Forge and what are the benefits in 2021?

Writing rewrite rules in Laravel Forge

That’s a lovely little trick. When writing Nginx rules in Laravel Forge, it’s easy to forget that it matches everything in the string. Consider whether you want this redirection: /product-a -> /category-1/product-a

Server side Swift for Laravel developers part 3

Next up we are going to add some views to our simple app using the Leaf templating system, which reminds of Laravel's Blade

Server side Swift for Laravel developers part 2

In this short example, we are going to build a simple CRUD-app of radio-stations that are used in my tvOS-app Radio Player.

Server side Swift for Laravel developers part 1

The inspiration from Laravel shows very well when you start digging into Vapor. So, If you're a Laravel/PHP user, Vapor should look familiar to get you started.

What language is F-Bar written in?

Every once in a while I get questions about which languages I used to author F-Bar and GitFTP-Deploy.

How to use 1Password as an authenticator for Laravel Forge with two-factor authentication

1Password is an excellent piece of software I highly recommend it if you are serious. One feature that may not be obvious is that 1Password can handle 2FA authentication too. There is no need for you to install Google Authenticator on your mobile devices.

Troubleshoot Nginx, the first step

Suddenly Nginx won’t start. Where to I begin to troubleshoot. First, check the configuration file for Nginx.

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